Cool Tools: Leeners Pickling Kit

It is a shame. I love Cool Tools and have bought several things because of it over the years. But several posts over the last few weeks have been along the lines of “I’ve used this item and it works OK, but I haven’t tried any alternatives.” And this latest “review” takes the biscuit. I’d much, much prefer fewer but more high-quality, authoritative posts — if there’s nothing worth posting, then don’t post.

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15 Dec 2009 at Twitter

  • 9:17pm: Los Campesinos should be available on the NHS. Back. Phew.
  • 5:37pm: 2009 is spinning deeper into the swamp of Can't Be Bothered. Need winch, chains, spade, and boards to dig out onto 2010's dry land.
  • 3:34pm: Redeeming a loyalty card for the first time in my life. — at Fix Coffee