Ruby Pseudo Wants a Word: Chair in space...

It’s not really “turning the commercial into an art form”, more “copying an art form into a commercial”.

It’s a copy of an idea by an artist, Simon Faithfull, from 2004. Apparently he was “involved” in the commercial but the fact that few people know it’s a re-make of an idea by someone other than the ad agency doesn’t make this much better.

I guess some of what you say still holds — regardless who came up with the idea, using something like this as an advert is unusual. But what people are going to be impressed by is the original idea itself, regardless of whether it’s an advert or an anoymous clip on YouTube. And the person who came up with that gets no credit.

It’s not a “feat of awe inspiring ingenuity and creativity” on the part of the “company”. They’re just good at picking which existing ideas to copy.

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25 Nov 2009 at Twitter

  • 7:23pm: @plasticbagUK I used pmwiki six months or so ago... it was OK, better than others I tried, but it's a shame if that's the best there is.
  • 6:43pm: So behind... catching up on the NFL results from 18 days ago. I don't know how normal people find time to watch sport. It's a struggle.
  • 4:57pm: @phl But I enjoy using all the styles for formatting code examples etc, so NotePad/TextMate/etc isn't enough. OO/Word are nasty though.
  • 4:29pm: Writing documentation is a weird mixture of tedium and a good sense of satisfaction. A better word processor than OpenOffice would help tho.
  • 2:37pm: On the sofa, writing documentation. Ignoring sunny blue skies.
  • 10:17am: I could have sworn this computer was fast when I bought it last year.
  • 9:24am: @plasticbagUK Change your name.