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Sounds great!

Crossing over a bit with Cait’s suggestion of stand-up as storytelling, but on the drama course we did a bit about solo storytelling - taking on and differentiating different characters, capturing people’s attention, structure, etc. It’s great when you see someone standing there alone telling a story, performing loads of characters at great speed. (I’m not volunteering for that though!)

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20 Oct 2009 at Twitter

  • 10:16pm: I will go to sleep in a few minutes to preserve the contents of memory.
  • 5:55pm: I'm not sure this maths course was a good idea. I enjoy it, but recently I'm having to enjoy it all the time I'm not working.
  • 11:04am: @megpickard @Zoonie I only drink coffee when I'm out, but a couple of cups of tea a day help ease the soul-crushing mundanity of existence.
  • 10:35am: @Zoonie @megpickard Having been caffeine-free for 10 years until 2009... Moderate caffeine is very nice indeed. My life is better for it.
  • 10:21am: Cup of tea, Brilliant Trees.
  • 8:47am: Are we there yet?

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