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We did something very similar at back in 2001/2, using data from the website. I can’t remember if it ever made it into production, but I think I have a prototype version at my parents’ (for their postcode) which I’ll dig out next time I’m there in case it’s of interest.

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17 Oct 2009 at Twitter

  • 10:43pm: It's Saturday night and here at Gyford HQ I'm shopping around for contents insurance. Rocking and rolling.
  • 8:29pm: @Zoonie My friend @Annie_M said: yikes. WTWTA should have been rated not for young kids. Why do they rate sex but not emotional dysfunction?
  • 6:37pm: This week's dinners - lamb stew - in the oven. Am hungry now, but have two hours to wait. May fill the gap with premature pudding.
  • 1:13pm: @schulze Is the big crane taking down a fixed green crane? I can see it from my window! *waves*
  • 12:49pm: This weekend: Double Pepys and a huge amount of maths. Unclear why I've chosen to turn all my free time into what feels like work. Idiot.

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