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One awkward thing about aggregating local blogs is that bloggers don’t necessarily talk about where they live. It would be interesting to know there’s a guy round the corner who writes passionately about dogs (or whatever) every day, but there’s not much local value in me reading it all the time unless it happens to be about local dogs.

On the other hand there are lots of local things that aren’t blogs. Where I live there’s an active forum which is a great way to keep up with what’s happening here and nearby. I’ve considered starting a blog about the area but can’t see what value would be added (for someone like me) above the discussion forum. (I guess http://www.groupsnearyou.com/ is trying to list this kind of local thing.) But it’s hard to summarise or aggregate a forum.

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29 Apr 2009 at Twitter

  • 3:41pm: Before I eBay it, anyone local want a PlayStation 2 with two controllers? Free to a good home.
  • 1:28pm: As part of my effort to archive GeoCities sites linked to from Pepys I seem to be manually saving poetry written by a Knoxville transvestite
  • 10:34am: Mid-morning swims mean having the pool almost to myself. Lovely. Also, starting to get the hang of front crawl at last.
  • 8:14am: Also registered for Reboot11.