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In London there’s a place called Circus Space which does classes for people of all ages to learn circus skills — some people from LISPA went there to get better at acrobatics. Maybe there’s something similar in your area?

Do you know about Parkour? Look for videos on YouTube — it sounds like the kind of thing that would interest him. I saw a kid his sort of age calmly showing off to crowds on London’s South Bank not long ago by suddenly running up to trees and doing back flips off them. There must be groups and things in NY devoted to it.

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27 Apr 2009 at Twitter

  • 7:19pm: Swine foo: Logical representation of a pig part. Whine flu: Child's illness used to get off school.
  • 7:17pm: Wine flu: Grape-induced hangover. Swine fu: Pig farmer's knowledge. Swine flew: Past tense of "Pigs will fly".
  • 4:45pm: New earpads for my *cough* years old headphones have arrived. Turns out that foam is much more comfortable than fabric-covered plastic. Yay!
  • 8:28am: A two and a half hour lie in was either a very good or a very bad start to the week.

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