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I’ll second ‘Deadwood’, although it’s another one of those that finishes suddenly and too early. Oh and ‘Our Friends in the North’, which I’d never seen until last year and I was blown away (only one short series though of course).

A couple of outliers for you, from someone who’s a sucker for American teen dramas (which might not be your cup of tea): ‘My So-Called Life’, which we re-watched again recently and I was relieved to find it was as good as I remembered. Only one series and there’s at least one obviously overly-mawkish episode, but great stuff.

And then ‘Felicity‘. It’s preposterous in that it’s about beautiful kids at college in New York in a vast apartment, and it has a tendency to overly-sincere soul-searching that may have the less tolerant throwing things at the TV. But it’s a lot of fun and at a certain point it gets suddenly so bizarre that you can’t quite believe what they’ve done.

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Tuesday 18 November 2008, 10:16am

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18 Nov 2008 at Twitter

  • 3:27pm: Alexander Furnishings fail. John Lewis possible win. Homeward bound. It was nice to be out for a bit though.
  • 2:11pm: Taking a broken roller blind to Wigmore Street.
  • 11:32am: Oh gawd. I've just read that Channel Five are making a new series of 'Minder'. With Shane Richie as Arthur's nephew. W. h. y.
  • 10:14am: Only-available-on-vinyl album off Eno's Obscure Records by Jan Steel & John Cage, free MP3s. "It is avant-mellow":
  • 9:27am: A plague is gradually striking down the occupants of Gyford Towers.