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2022-09-19 (Monday)


  1. Exporting notes from Simplenote into Obsidian

    I wrote a Python script to convert an export of Simplenote notes into a files that are more suitable for importing into Obsidian.



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    @Zoonie It’s in there somewhere. Stupid brains!

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    Ignoring everything and listening to ’Floodland’, loud. Turns out I can still remember most of the words.…

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    35 years ago today, The Sisters Of Mercy released "This Corrosion"

    “Hey now, hey now now...sing this corrosion to me.”

    #thesistersofmercy #floodland #thiscorrosion #postpunk #goth #gothic #gothicrock #andreweldritch #patriciamorrison
    22 Sep 2021

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    I’m obsessed with this what the hell happened @itvnews…