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2022-07-11 (Monday)


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    This is going to get all Four Yorkshiremen isn’t it.

    If I’m PM I’ll reduce the base rate to 5p in 2023 and give it all back x 2 in 2024. Petrol will be pegged to the price when Thatcher came to power, 23p. Every ice cream cone will be wrapped in a £50 note.…

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    NEW: Nadhim Zahawi announces if he is PM will reduce the base rate of income tax to 19p in 2023 and 18p in 2024. He will also abolish green levies and VAT on energy bills for two years.

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    Kids today don’t know they’re born, of course. I’d like to see them typing in all the code for Red Dead Redemption 2, from scratch, while listening to The Kids From Fame album.