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14 February 2022


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    @sahandonlin @deficonnect @BitrueOfficial @jnikimaleki @op oh will you fuck off

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    Every time I use a site or service with a .io domain name I wonder if the people running it are evil or just ignorant. I usually assume the latter but it still doesn't make me think kindly of the people running the thing.…

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    The .io registry, and all the profits from the sale of .io domains ($7m/year), rightly belong to the Chagossians, and should fund their return to and reestablishment on their home islands. However, their attempts to assert digital sovereignty have been repeatedly rebuffed.

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    has anyone else had the experience of streaming all shows/movies for so long without watching many TV commercials that when you do watch commercials they are now mostly reminiscent of, like, absurd dystopian ads in movies? Like, “these are difficult times. Buy air.”