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10 February 2022


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    @mathowie Also interesting would be “What words would you, a UK person, think a US person wouldn’t know?” etc. I was surprised some of those were UK-specific. They must be the kind of words that show up British-written US dialogue in movies, TV, etc. “Yo dude, total judder on that abseil!”

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    @jonty Meeting room naming scheme Steering Group…

    "All bookings previously made to Thought centre meeting rooms (excluding Wanasee, Genuflect and SunTan!) are now assigned to Core7 meeting rooms on the 2nd, 7th and 8th floors."…

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    @tomcoates @iamcal To be fair, even in the UK no one eats them any more.

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    @cityofsound @msdsocial @UniMelb Congrats Dan!

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    In every company where engineers name things there's a service called Jabberwocky that is critical but nobody can tell you what it does, or who maintains it.

    But DO NOT turn it off. Dave built it. No the other Dave that left before that Dave. Leave Jabberwocky alone!!!