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2021-10-31 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2021-10-31

    Travelling through London, men doing work, mouse-proofing apple racks, Paris Police 1900.


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    @edent Interesting. I just remembered the optional Quality Filter, on the website and app, but mine was already turned off.

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    Seems like every day I get a tweet (or four today) spamming cr*pto stuff like this. They show up as mentions in Tweetbot, but not in Twitter’s own client or website. How does that happen?

    I always report them for spam, but never hear anything else about it.

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    @alexforey Mine seems to do it often. I think if I restart it at least once a week I avoid it.

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    All right ya’ll buckle up it’s time for this year’s round-up of Japan’s #地味ハロウィン (mundane Halloween) costumes. Outfits so ordinary they have to be explained.