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26 October 2021


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    @jeremy_hume I think you’re missing the point - why are they wearing their mask at all, ineffectively, when it’s apparently socially acceptable to go maskless?

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    In that London. The weirdest covid behaviour to me is, given so many people have apparently given up wearing masks at all, the people still wearing masks under their noses. Why bother?

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    @dotcode Oh of course! Phew, I’ll sleep easy tonight.

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    Water companies can’t afford not to pump sewage into rivers.

    Fossil fuel companies can’t afford to deal with their environmental damage.

    Social media companies can’t afford to properly detoxify their platforms.

    I’m sure the market will fix all this any time now.

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    It’s weird that people are still having to number posts in Twitter threads “2/n”, as this seems like something that might be usefully addressed in the UI itself.

    (That it hasn’t been, suggests that “threads” don’t match Twitter’s model for future platform use.)

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    Remember in 2008 when someone sold the “I Am Rich” application for $999 on the App Store, only eight people bought it, and everyone laughed at it being a scam.

    Critics didn’t have the vision to imagine a future in which people are spending thousands on cartoon monkey NFTs.

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    r/relationship_advice: my wife (F28) is upset because she saw me (M35) groping one of the servants (F18), how can I get her to be reasonable and see that I am the victim here?…

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    To have my head combed by Deb., which occasioned the greatest sorrow to me that ever I knew in this world, for my wife, coming up suddenly, did find me embracing the girl con my hand sub su coats; and endeed, I was with my main her cunny.