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2021-10-17 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2021-10-17

    Many tasks, more dumb Apple Photos fiddling, and Rachel.

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    Congrats to @dannnygibbons and Alex Scott – their £800 ‘Last Dance’ (which I’m in!) just won the short film Méliès d’or 2021! #Sitges2021 #Sitges…

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    Censor and Last Dance win the Méliès d’or 2021.
    The winners of the Méliès d’or 2021 are the feature film Censor by Prano Bailey-Bond and the short film Last Dance by Danny Gibbons and Alex Scott. The Career Méliès of this year goes to French director Luc…

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    In the last 6 months, highly paid columnists in U.K. have called for the mandatory resettlement of Travellers, said that an innocent young woman who died tragically young should burn in hell, & that the Irish are savages.

    But sure, it’s all about anonymous social media accounts.

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    Out od 232 katakana and hiragana symbols, I got 213 which is 92% right!
    I’m so proud of myself! 🤗 Because I struggle with katakana…😢 any tips?