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2021-08-01 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2021-08-01

    Sweeping the Nation’s 2021 playlist, re-learning to play the piano, season two of Unforgotten, home energy stuff, the early internet, and the wrong genre.


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    @tomstuart You can uncheck "Show Holidays calendar" in the Mac Calendar app's preferences. Which is not the first place I'd look.

    But, hey, it's totally fine, you can just admit you need to know the dates of Ash Wednesday and Earth Day, we're all friends here.

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    @tomstuart Did you know there's an .ics file for only England and Wales bank holidays?

    Although, unlike Apple's Holidays calendar, it doesn't include Trooping the Colour or Battle of the Boyne so you might miss out on those events that Tim Apple loves so much.

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    Our fave coffee shop / restaurant in Hereford is expanding into a bigger location and looking for £££ in exchange for meals. We backed it to the tune of a nice lunch.…

    (I guess I'm optimistic that there will be a time I'm happy eating inside places again.)

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    DEAR DIARY: Today I was reminded of these three absolutely magnificent letters that I ran ages ago, and thought they were so good they deserved to be shared again.

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    Watching The Greatest Showman with Casey, and trying desperately to figure out when it's supposed to be set.