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2021-05-23 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2021-05-23

    Physical interactions, IKEA, more internet nonsense, In Pursuit of Love, Mystery Road season one, I’m Thinking of Ending Things and Call My Agent! season one.


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    @gwire Ah, of course. Explains that £2.6m "briefing room" studio in No. 10.

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    @gwire He's probably got a Patreon too.

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    It’s very 2021 that as well as your main job of running the country, you also need to keep your side-hustle.…

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    🚨🚨 | BREAKING: The government is concerned that Dominic Cummings will reveal that Boris Johnson missed numerous key coronavirus crisis meetings because he was working on a biography of Shakespeare, the money from which he needed to fund his divorce

    Via @thesundaytimes