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12 January 2021


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    @bothness Thanks! I was trying to pinch across both panes for some reason. 🙄

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    @bothness This looks great! Maybe I’m being dumb, but I can’t see how to zoom out, or to change the location in any way other than panning slowly across the country. (I’m on an iPad.)

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    TikTok: Here are people singing a sea shanty, they’re good at singing and it’s fun to listen to and everyone’s having fun

    Twitter: This is about colonialism, slavery and whale slaughter

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    dreading the inevitable slide from "this sea-shanty thing is nice" to "man-bun sea-shanty ukelele youtube" to "toxic masculinity beard oil branding sea shanty" to "neo-fascist nordic sea-shanty revival" to "sea-shanty militia" to "sea-shanty sedition against the US constitition"

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    What's weird is that at the *very* beginning of the Internet industry, these types all swept in from television and music with pretty much the same apparent level of conviction.…

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    one of the worst things the tech industry ever did was convince men who were successful at tech that that means they can then be successful at anything, no matter how little knowledge they actually have about the matter