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2020-11-15 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2020-11-15

    The Burning Hell, Audio Science Review, and Twitter threads.


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    @simonw One battle at a time Simon!

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    @yoz You can carry me aloft through the city any time.

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    @steverumsby @qmacro @se71 @gilest But I'm not clear where your assertion that they were "originally" called entries comes from. e.g. Blogger in 1999 refers to them as "posts":… I'm genuinely interested in earlier examples!

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    @steverumsby @qmacro @se71 @gilest They often were/are called entries, rather than posts. e.g. Movable Type referred to them as entries (maybe still does). But posts seems to be more common these days, and the “blog” vs “blog post” argument would only get confusing for some people if another option was added.

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    “It Came From Below”…

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    There's this guy named Tom who makes these microbuild pastorals and I think about them a lot. I find them delightful and haunting

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    I would say:

    “The biggest fraud in the world may be generalized advice.

    Everyone is playing a different game and if your games aren't close enough to the same, advice giving is a neutral value add at most.”…

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    One piece of advice you would give your 18 year old self?