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2020-10-19 (Monday)


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    @Stammy @feedbin I didn’t know it ever had APIs. I have sites whose feeds still go through Feedburner. Two of them still use its handy feature of letting people subscribe to the feed items via email. So it’s definitely not “shut down” :)

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    @Stammy @feedbin One small thing - surprisingly, Google hasn't shut Feedburner down (yet).

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    @jcd1974 @offredtweets @samuelpepys My pleasure! I love seeing people discuss things in his replies :)

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    @offredtweets @jcd1974 @samuelpepys I might be wrong (and hope someone knows more certainly than I do) but I assumed there was a category of audience between the pit and a box. He talks about sitting down at the theatre before this.

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    @simonw I am afraid that is not the case with almost any data I have ever used ever.