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2020-07-26 (Sunday)


  1. w/e 2020-07-26

    Indietracks, I May Destroy You and Enlightened.



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    @joshr And yet…

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    @johndodds Obviously, normal near-death experiences aren’t good enough for them, which is why I expect they’d all go private.

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    I’m not saying that if it takes a near-death experience for a Conservative minister to realise it’s the government’s role to maybe do something about societal issues (junk food advertising, cycling provision) that all Tory ministers should undergo near-death experiences.

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    As part of this weekend’s wonderful #IndietracksAtHome festival, we’ve recorded a short set for you to enjoy this evening.

    Tune in from 8pm for some songs and a swatch inside our bedrooms.

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    I had to...

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    I've been wondering when someone was going to open a J.G. Ballard theme restaurant…

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    The rumors are true the Glendale Galleria has outdoor dining available in its parking structure.