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4 June 2020


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    @ianbetteridge OK, you’re the one who started banging on about discovery after I’d made what I thought was a simple point about what I had chosen to do for myself. Jesus, I’ll never learn to ignore arguments on twitter.

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    @mala Last night I dreamed you jumped off a cliff to catch a rope that hung from the top of an oil rig’s tower and you swung round and round it and everyone came to watch and was worried but you were fine and said it was great fun. Hope you feel better soon xx

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    @ianbetteridge @gilest @paulpod @joelanman Yeah, sure. I was just trying to say, “it’s possible to quit Instagram but, yes, it sucks to miss out on all the people still there,” nothing more. I’m not sure what you’re arguing about :)

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    @ianbetteridge @gilest @paulpod @joelanman I guess my dislike of Facebook is greater than my concern that some people might not know how to find me on Flickr if they want to.

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    @ianbetteridge @gilest @paulpod @joelanman You could link to places from your website… You could tell people… You could tweet it… I’m struggling with what the problem is.

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    @gilest @paulpod @joelanman I quit Instagram over a year ago and so have little idea what many of my friends are up to these days which is a shame. But I’m very happy to be free-er of Facebook. Still using Flickr.

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    Whew! That part!

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    love how their entire lives these ppl have been fantasizing about/stockpiling weapons for the moment the gov turns the military on its own citizenry & now that shit’s going down they’re standing around an empty parking lot while gay teens engage in hand-to-hand combat w the NYPD