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2020-03-27 (Friday)

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  1. Michael Tsai - Blog - Retina MacBook Air Staingate

    I had the problem with anti-reflective coating on my MacBook Pro, 13-inch Early 2013. I had the…


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    @JamesWallis I’ve been trying to remember the term “assassination politics” for years, and you prompted me to google to find it again.…

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    @rod Maybe sit out of shot? Lots of empty but interesting rooms talking to each other.

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    @Oche01030940 Presumably it’s not in the copyright-free 1893 transcription of the diary that the site uses.

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    The theme to Some Mothers Do Ave Em, for no reason. Maybe just to block everything else out. Briefly.

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    Hmm yes fascinating

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    I was bored.