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2020-02-26 (Wednesday)


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    Clear Lake, Houston TX. Wrote one of… Made ad banners for @kevmoss. Selling my car; woman phoned, insisted I invite Jesus into my life. Read @kottke, @benbrown, @maura's "online journals", thought about starting my own. Lonely.…

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    10, USENET.
    But I've also been thinking about experiences of "social media" pre-internet and I think my earliest were:
    * Letters pages in comics and magazines
    * Chain letters and pen pals
    Later, Play By Mail games and their letters and zines.…

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    Another example of Generation X erasure. My 80s & 90s peeps which app did you start your social media life on?
    1.) AIM
    2.) Yahoo Chat
    3.) LiveJournal
    4.) Orkut
    5.) Friendster
    6.) Xanga
    7.) Bebo
    8.) Blogger/Six Apart/Personal Blog
    9.) IRC
    10.) USENET
    11.) Other…

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    @ThreeUKSupport I'm trying to register for My3 but whatever email address I try I get this unhelpful error: "Whoops, something went wrong. Please try again. MY3-CHANGE-EMAIL-RESPONSE-ERROR" Any ideas?