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2019-09-03 (Tuesday)

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  • annaturley’s avatar

    The physical embodiment of arrogance, entitlement, disrespect and contempt for our parliament.

  • v21’s avatar

    shoutout to Jenny Hval

  • Samfr’s avatar

    Watching the debate and particularly enjoying Ken Clarke's deep contempt for Rees-Mogg.

  • quantick’s avatar

    Several LibDems have crossed the floor to the Tories for a laugh and are now coming back, having captured Dominic Raab and that dog.

  • terrychristian’s avatar

    Let's fight for a hard remain. Union with the Euro , the full social charter , a written constitution which put the rights of people before property and schengen too , let's never be held hostage by these fascists again

  • CyrusBales’s avatar

    I think one of the personal moments of Brexit so far that was worst, was when I saw a "friend" of mine had been radicalized.

    I mentioned I was worried about a family member getting his insulin, and he said "That's something he should have prepared for himself, it's his fault."