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2019-06-06 (Thursday)


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    @CamDigLib @caxtonian @theUL Thanks!

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    Do I know anyone who’d know if is going to reappear? All the pages I link to from have, I guess, moved to… but I don’t want to change them all if linux02 will be back. (I’m surprised it lasted so long tbh.)

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    @caseypugh That’s sadly reassuring. Let me know if anything could be better. I still can’t get Apple Calendar to stick with the new feed address for long…

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    MT @james_blue_cat: I like to add my own name to the end of each Guardian headline to give it that proper accusatory feel. 'Shocked by the rise of the right? Then you weren’t paying attention, JAMES.’

    <-- works every time, eg in this "Peak Guardian?" example via @rodgerkibble