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2018-06-28 (Thursday)


  1. Total Perspective Vortex in D3.js

    I made a sort of Total Perspective Vortex, from Hitchhiker’s Guide, using JavaScript.


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    I made a sort of Total Perspective Vortex using JavaScript. Have a go:…

    I wrote a bit about it here:…

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    Also, a coffee *before* the gym makes a workout whizz by!

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    After 14 years of going to the same gym and pool, today I had coffee with some fellow swimmers for the first time. Who says London’s unfriendly.

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    @benterrett Is it one of the four main Mains?

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    Jack screenshot multiple views of a single note in his Notes app, and uploaded them as bitmap images to be read by the world, and thought - yes, this *is* the optimum way for sharing text.

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    This is pretty much exactly what the difference between a “challenger bank” and a regular one should be. Kudos to Monzo…

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    Your Empathy In Cleaner Hands