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2018-01-18 (Thursday)


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    @WhitStillman I’d forgotten about that! Don’t worry, I learned my lesson - I haven’t been to see a superhero movie since.

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    @WhitStillman Going through some old sketchbooks and I found the ticket from the first time I saw one of your films. I saw so many films at the Arts Centre Cinema, in Bristol, UK, now the Cube.

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    I sing this to the tune of "I Don't Want To Talk About It" @tracey_thorn

    RT @IanMartin Every single time I see a "Pay Now" prompt I hear it in Hank Kingsley's voice.…

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    Every time I see the option "Balance and cash" on a cash machine, the theme from late 80s CITV cartoon Bangers & Mash goes through my head