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2017-08-04 (Friday)


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    @iamdanw Based on @edds’ earlier work at GDS if memory serves.

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    @tomcoates Don’t get me started on living creatures! The. Very. Worst.

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    Why does every adult assign very specific behaviour to vast groups like “millennials” or “women” or “olds”? Adults! They’re all terrible!

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    @paulpod Maybe I can turn the spare room into a museum and get some kind of tax break?

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    This entire expense (not the VAT) is like a tax on physical possessions and sentimentality.

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    Spent too much on nice sleeves for the CDs I can’t bear to chuck. Forgot about import VAT and’ve now spent way way too much on nice sleeves.

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    Had an urge to watch Reggie Perrin. Worrying.

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    Indeed, what?

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    @alexvtunzelmann @greg_jenner Their 'most read' articles list reads like the track-listing of Morrissey's new album