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14 July 2017


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    @JamesWallis Sounds like a lovely plan! Do you want to email some suitable dates?

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    @hakeofdoom @JamesWallis I’ve barely played a board game in the past 25 years!

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    @dracos @JamesWallis Thanks both! We shall investigate. It’s a bewildering field without good leads.

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    Board game people! What are good games that work well with only two people? Thanks! cc @JamesWallis

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    @johndodds Yup.

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    @moleitau @blech @michalmigurski I could only think Reeves & Mortimer which didn’t seem to work. I assume a team of experienced linguists came up with “Eranu” and “Uvavu”.

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    The French military band plays a medley of Daft Punk tunes for #BastilleDay celebrations.

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    President Clinton at the George W. Bush Library tonight.