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2017-03-14 (Tuesday)


  1. Two blogs, one WordPress

    How to make two blogs in one WordPress install.


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    @gwire To be honest I’ve never used Multisite and I was put off by thinking that this was one “site” and I wanted it to be simple. Hm.

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    @gwire Because it felt like this should be possible. I’m terrible for setting myself a challenge and not letting go.

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    Q: How do you make two blogs on one WordPress install?
    A: Laboriously.…

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    @jkottke Happy Blog Birthday!

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    @dracos I’m sure the BBC’s renowned agility will ensure there’s an amazing alternative quickly in place!

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    @dracos I can’t even parse the “A JSON service will be kept in place…” sentence.

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    @dracos Is there a link to the news? My googling failed.

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    @richardjpope half the time we’re quite lucky to have coaches

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    Still laughing to myself that @tomstuart sent me a subscription to Teen Vogue as a 30th birthday present. It’s both a joke and not a joke.