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2016-03-29 (Tuesday)


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    @suegyford He’s now the lock screen of my iPad.

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    @suegyford I just faved my own tweet!

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    @thatnatbuckley @jonty @genmon @iamdanw 👍

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    @jonty @genmon Yes! Tomorrow evening? 6pm? Any good?

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    Anyone fancy meeting sometime today/tomorrow to see @genmon’s book vending machine at Google Campus, EC2?…

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    Ludicrous hobby is ludicrous. But here we go…

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    Popup bookshop, popping up tomorrow! Lobby @ Google Campus London, Bonhill St EC2A

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    @FakeDaveGreen I bet the blogosphere will have something to say about that!

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    The future of books (feat. @MachineSupply & @philgyford)