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30 October 2015


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    @tomstuart What’s your costume going to be Tom?

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    @holgate I like my content dark and bitter.

    With a hint of autumnal berries.

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    @iamdanw @DeanVipond Good work Dean!

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    That going out to @megpickard, because I also have no patience for that nonsense. Don’t hide what I’ve come to see!…

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    So sick of:
    - click link
    - start reading
    - content suddenly hidden by pop-over advertising site newsletter
    Close tab. Every single time.

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    BFI Player, the film subscription service for lovers of film and pop-up dialogs I can’t be bothered really stop it

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    Now this is scary: hundreds of @iamcal, @SlackHQ's beloved and respectfully bemoaned CTO