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13 July 2015


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    @tomstuart Dance?

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    @genmon @jah @robinsloan It's the only game I've started again. Most other games I've got are dark and depressing- I don't want to be there.

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    @philgyford Cities can go bankrupt, states can't, so they have to raise extra revenue via bond market or tax or cut services/[pensions.

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    @johndodds Ah, thanks. What happens when a city goes bankrupt?

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    Could a US state get itself into a similar economic position as Greece has? How would the federal government and other states handle it?

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    @steiny Ah, fair enough, sorry. “Theories of change” is a bit broad :)

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    <cerebral21> that's what plato said anyway
    <lucian> that disregards a lot of his later work
    <alice> catPiss29
    <lucian> ...
    <alice> oh shit