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2015-05-08 (Friday)


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    @benbrown Are you sure? How about a banana? Or a tin of dried paint? Or the sound of lobsters boiling? Or the fear of being buried alive?

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    Theresa May is Home Secretary again and already floating the Snoopers' Charter. Time for and

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    @aden_76 One day I’ll be the last crazy man, in a shed somewhere, making sitemaps, hand-coding HTML, just like in olden times.

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    @tomcoates @maxgadney @hondanhon Part of me wants to disagree with you but, ultimately… yes, I agree. [Tweet too short for further nuance.]

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    It feels a bit old fashioned, but I do love making a good sitemap.

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    @maxgadney I heard it first from you if that’s any consolation. I will now get all my news only from you.

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    Dusting off the Tory Hating Playlist:…

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    @revdancatt Harder, but not impossible.

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    @tomcoates I may be a comfortably off, home-owning, 40-something, but even so.

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    @tomcoates I left you with one job!

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    Farage: "There are a lot of UKIP voters who are very angry this morning.."
    They're angry every morning Nigel.
    That's why they're UKIP voters

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    “We’re excited to announce that the Lib Dems have just been acquired by the Tories. Thank you for joining us on our incredible journey!”

    Islington, London, United Kingdom

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    You’re all sounding pretty downbeat this morning. You must be forgetting about all those startup people whose startups will be better off.

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    Daughter's hot take on election results #GE2015

    Noe Valley, San Francisco, United States