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2014-09-04 (Thursday)


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    @engineeringdept Yes!

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    Click link in email from @songkick; fill in form; receive gig ticket. No hidden/extra charges. Beautifully simple.

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    (Not that I have any insight at all into CityMapper’s aims or desires, just wildly speculating.)

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    Re… Metaphor only works if Russian tanks were hoping to be bought by Poland, rather than crushing the Prague Spring.

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    Citymapper launches in the Bay Area. Proper proper transport UX. & parking their tanks on Google's lawn

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    .@iamdanw A coffeetable book of all the great BBC Digital powerpoint presentations of the early 2000s. Titled “What Auntie Should Have Done”

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    @suegyford Blimey! “Clacton and Frinton remains its stylish, classic self.”

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    Finally got my memorial bench. History here… cc @asburyandasbury @reedwords