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2013-03-19 (Tuesday)


  1. The Sound and the Fury playlist

    A playlist for the BBC’s series ‘The Sound and the Fury’ on 20th century classical music.

  2. Mike Johnston’s Jazz Starter Kit playlist

    A Spotify playlist for people who don’t know much about jazz but are interested.


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    @dracos I imagine those are a bit more “tuneful” than most of the Sound And The Fury selection!

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    @aden_76 Good one, thanks - posting it now!

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    ‘Call Me Maybe’ chaser after Schoenberg.

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    Not that you’d want to listen to it as a playlist. You’d go mad. I think I need to listen to some pop now.

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    I made a Spotify playlist for the BBC’s ‘The Sound and the Fury’ series on 20th C classical music:…

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    @neb Abandoning Reader has made me distrust every Google service. Hope it was worth the “focus.”

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    Hislop cuts through the bullshit about press regulation… #leveson