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2011-08-01 (Monday)

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  1. Slow News - Laughing Meme

    “I’m pretty sure Phil Gyford has requested something similar…” Me too, but I don’t know if I…


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    @tomcoates You should totally go old school. Blosxom? Greymatter? :)

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    @mdales Oh, bugger. I’d forgotten about postgres (only use it on one local site at the mo). I thought I was done!

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    The post-OSX-upgrade “fix PHP, MySQL, Python, Perl, etc” dance seems to be getting easier, if still time-consuming.

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    Another day, another… wait, what currency do we use now?

    Hackney, England, United Kingdom

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    @tomtaylor @benhammersley I hope you're Excelling Towards Excellence!