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2010-06-02 (Wednesday)

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  1. Noisy Decent Graphics: In praise of Stack, again

    I can see that Stack “exposes me to things I would never look at any other way” but they’re still…


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    "There's a Scoop in Soho!" "Really? Someone hasn't mis-labeled..?" "No, it was Chris." "Oh, well, that's not just 'someone' is it."

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    A major breakthrough on the iPhoto to Aperture to Lightroom importation process. Thought you'd all like to be kept in the loop.

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    @paulpod "The Love 40 was made by Six to Start for Radio 1." :)

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    @megp I heard in 1997 that there will be computer "agents" doing our travel arrangements for us. They must be nearly ready!

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    What a lovely day. Everything seems not impossible.

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    The time has come for this nation to fully embrace a clean energy future, and I will work with anyone from either party to get this done.