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Writing tagged Music

  1. It is very nice

    I made an iTunes playlist of complete albums and EPs and found all their cover art.

  2. Reading about dancing about architecture

    Trying to find music sites to read, and realising I don’t want to read any of them.

  3. Famous exes updated

    The mini music genres post about Famous Exes has new songs.

  4. Mini music genres: Famous exes

    Some songs about past loves who are now famous.

  5. The Sound and the Fury playlist

    A playlist for the BBC’s series ‘The Sound and the Fury’ on 20th century classical music.

  6. Mike Johnston’s Jazz Starter Kit playlist

    A Spotify playlist for people who don’t know much about jazz but are interested.

  7. Year-by-year playlist

    I made a playlist with a song named after every year since 1945.

  8. ‘Rip It Up And Start Again’ playlist

    I made a 14 hour Spotify playlist of the music from Simon Reynolds’ book.

  9. ‘Always Magic in the Air’ Spotify playlist

    A Spotify playlist of songs discussed in Ken Emerson’s book ‘Always Magic in the Air’.

  10. ‘Always Magic in the Air’ by Ken Emerson

    A review and/or notes on this book about the music that came out of New York’s Brill Building in the 1950s and 60s.

  11. Top Tunes 2009

    My favourite music of 2009.

  12. The £10,000 playlist

    Why do we need a collection of MP3s when we can stream everything? What does that collection mean to us?

  13. Chart Hits 83

    Some of my favourite tunes from a cassette compilation I had when I was twelve. And why mainstream nostalgia makes us neglect things.

  14. Top Tunes of 2007, part 2 and 3

    The second and third (and final) parts of my favourite music of the year.

  15. Top Tunes of 2007, part 1

    The first part of my favourite tunes of 2007. Unsurprisingly.

  16. A laudable idea

    Annoyed at Boing Boing’s link to the BBC’s consultation about on-demand programming, and an idea about classical music.

  17. My top tunes of 2006

    A CD’s worth of my favourite music of 2006.

  18. Paul Morley’s ‘Words and Music’

    Summary of what I liked and how it excited me.

  19. UK gig ticket alert service wanted

    I want a service that emails me when a band I like are playing near me.

  20. Nice chart of my MP3s over time

    I did a chart of what years my MP3s originate from.

  21. The endless musical relay race

    Dan Hill passed the musical baton on to me, an excuse to waffle about music I like. How could I refuse.

  22. Europa and Hackensack

    The sadness of two “boy loses childhood girlfriend who then becomes famous and successful” songs.

  23. Piano Notes by Charles Rosen

    Fascinating insight into the world of professional piano-playing. I think you’d get even more…

  24. Top Tunes of 2004

    Making a CD of your favourite music and giving it to friends is naughty and illegal and the cause of global terrorism. But if I was, perhaps, to make one of my favourite music of 2004, then it would look like…

  25. Morning News interview with Alex Ross

    A very quotable interview with the ‘New Yorker’s music critic. Lots of good stuff.