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Writing tagged Music

  1. MP3 blogs and the record labels

    A roundtable discussion of MP3 bloggers seems remarkably optimistic about the record labels’ stance on people giving away their artists’ music. A flurry of letters from lawyers seems much more likely to me…

  2. We’re gonna need a bigger pipe

    I’ve been grabbing music from Mostyn’s Music Page for some time, but I only recently realised that a whole MP3 Blog scene has been blossoming out there. It’s official: I am now several weeks behind the bleeding edge.

  3. Less metadata, more music

    Having thrown away my to do list, I recently finished transferring 342 songs taped from the radio to MP3.

  4. Audioscrobbler

    Having lots of fun with Audioscrobbler, which is, really, kind of like a social networking site without all the annoying “Are you my friend” stuff, and with lots and lots of music.

  5. The Caretaker

    John Peel played a track by The Caretaker earlier this evening. It’s good stuff and you can…

  6. McSweeney’s vs They Might Be Giants

    “Quirky” pop duo and self-absorbed literary quarterly… a recipe for embarrassment. Or maybe not!

  7. Ella Guru

    Heard their song ‘On a Beach’ on Late Junction last night and it was good.

  8. Summer playlist

    A selection of tunes from Greil Marcus’s ‘Mystery Train’ that make for fine heatwave listening.

  9. What are the chances of that happening, eh?

    Brian Eno documentary on BBC 6 Music.

  10. Greil Marcus

    Greil Marcus’s ‘Real Life Rock Top Ten’s, once at Salon, are still going over at City Pages. Yes!

  11. Akufen

    Last week the New York Times had an interesting article about about the most underrated albums of…

  12. Festive taping vs festive downloading

    Wondering why I feel more of a criminal listening to MP3s of John Peel’s Festive Fifty rather than cassettes of the same thing.

  13. Popstars - the year ahead

    I think the rejected five should be formed into a band, a kind of anti-Popstars. Bitter, vengeful…

  14. Bleeding Obvious

    This is going to sound like stating the bleeding obvious, but bear with me: This huge fuss with the…

  15. Jukebox

    Maura wrote about which albums she’d put in a jukebox, and while I hate to appear like I have…