Writing from October 2009

A still more glorious dawn awaits

I’ve always felt a bit awkward that I’m not more interested in outer space. I feel like I should be fascinated by it. When I was doing that Future Studies course, plenty of people there were fascinated by space exploration and where it would lead our distant collective future. The campus was just round the corner from Johnson Space Center — I even lived by Moon Rock Drive — but in 15 months I never visited the place. Similarly, these days many friends seem excited by space and our collective attempts at exploration, while I’ve never been hugely bothered.


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The £10,000 playlist

It wasn’t long ago that buying a purely digital piece of music — downloading a file rather than paying for a piece of holdable plastic — seemed terribly modern. But already I feel like an old fool when I visit Amazon or 7Digital to pay for an MP3. These days, a several-megabyte file on my computer is starting to feel as much of a burden, as much of a physical thing to cart around for the rest of my life, as a CD or a cassette or a record.


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Games have rules

When I first tried Foursquare I was unusually optimistic. For years people have been talking about software that will show where all your friends are but it never seems to have happened — either the technology’s not right or it doesn’t reach the critical mass needed — and I thought maybe Foursquare’s point-scoring would be just enough incentive to get people checking in.


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