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Time to follow Samuel Pepys

If you already get Samuel Pepys’ twitters then you should close this window or hit the back button now. If you read his daily diary but don’t get his twitters, I’ll just say this: now might be the time to start. Now you can leave this page too. That’s all I’m saying. There are SPOILERS ahead and there’s no need for you to read them.


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Stand on the right

The other day, chatting with Russell and Ben and Paul and Tom, the idea emerged of creating a little guide for visitors to London. It would be very brief, a series of bullet points, a single sheet of paper, and would probably begin with “On escalators, stand on the right and walk on the left”.


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Stilt-walking ants

Over the summer I managed to catch up on reading lots of London and New York Reviews. Because reading is one of the all-too-few activities I do away from a computer, I haven’t found a good way to remember to blog anything interesting I come across. But here’s a couple of fun and amazing things about ants that have stuck in my head…


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I want to care

A few friends were at, and Twittering from, the Oxford Social Media Convention today. Among others, a couple of quotes about online political engagement caught my eye. Here’s the first, this version from Kathryn Corrick (who I don’t know, but whose twitters are public):


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