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Haddock Blogs down for a bit

On the off-chance you’re someone who reads the Haddock Blogs aggregator (usually found at haddock.org), the site is down at the moment after a server move. I’ve got the RSS feeds back up and running and, thanks to the wonders of FeedBurner, they’re still at the same URLs (Blogs, Links). The site itself will return at some point soonish.

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Flickr machine tags for film photos

For the past few months I’ve been taking photos using black and white film in my old 35mm SLR camera, more of which another time. When one uses a digital camera, the details of the camera and shot are embedded in the image as EXIF data, and can be viewed when uploaded to Flickr. I wanted to record some of this information for my film photos taken on film, but wasn’t sure how.


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New London Review of Books website

A few days ago the London Review of Books website relaunched with a new design and splendid new features. I was responsible for doing a load of the HTML/CSS templates for the project over its long gestation, and it’s lovely to see it all on the web at last.


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For the past few weeks I’ve been hidden away, typing furiously to create part of the “Misfits Online Experience”, which you can, er, experience, by visiting E4 and clicking the “Play” button. It’s to promote a new comedy drama (“ASBOs with superpowers”) starting shortly.


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Not too many buttons

I didn’t intend to spend a while writing about the internet’s joke du jour, the OpenOfficeMouse, but I started writing a comment on Chris Messina’s thoughtful post and it expanded into something post-worthy.


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How’s the acting going?

Fifteen months after finishing that two year course on “Creating Theatre” (read more), hardly a week goes by without a few people asking, “How’s the acting going?” If nothing else, it proves how rarely I see many people I know. Loose connections. The brief answer to that question is “It’s not”. Which is fine, but requires some expansion.


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Week 335

I enjoy reading BERG’s weekly notes about what’s happening at the young company. I wondered whether there’s scope in an even smaller work unit — me — doing something similar, and decided there’s only one way to find out…


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Week 336

As work on Misfits eases off — I’ve been doing about three days a week recently, and it’ll be over completely within a couple of weeks — I’m looking toward what’s next. Which, as usual, is no work.


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A dispiriting blank side

Like you, when I read two mentions of the same concept within a few days, I exclaim in a voice hearty enough for all to hear, “That’s a blog post!” I am barely tolerated by the librarians. The cause of today’s inappropriate exclamation is the tyranny of the blank page.


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