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Webloggery organisation

Over the past few months, while paid website-making work has been thin on the ground, I’ve been using my free time to churn through my to do lists and am now slowly crossing off items from the “Someday” list that I thought I’d never get round to. The latest, and lengthiest, has been to re-build my site. This is now done and it hopefully looks no different.


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Annoyingly slippery

In my previous post I wrote about re-writing my site with one of the aims being to get to grips with Movable Type 4. Although I’ve been using MT for years I haven’t had a chance to delve into the most recent versions so I’ve felt a bit behind on all the new stuff.


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Would you let your daughter work in an open plan?

A few months ago I was helping my parents tidy up their loft and I grabbed a bunch of articles they’d cut out of newspapers and magazines years ago. When a friend recently moved to new open plan offices I was reminded of one of these and so have scanned it in.


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Google Reader vs Bloglines Beta

I’ve been using Bloglines to read RSS feeds for what feels like forever. Certainly, I think, for as long as I’ve been reading RSS feeds. When Google Reader first came out I gave it a quick whirl but didn’t get on with it. Bloglines’ next incarnation, the eternal Beta version, improved on the original but recently Google updated Reader so I’ve given that another go. Here are the differences that matter to me.


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Pelinore from ‘Imagine’ magazine

Imagine was a magazine published in the UK by TSR in the early 1980s. While sorting out some of my role-playing past recently I found a folder of pages cut out of the magazines that describe a campaign world called Pelinore for Dungeons & Dragons. I googled and found a few forum threads in which people ask about it but not much else. So I’ve scanned everything I have and put them into this PDF document:


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What on Earth is going on at ‘Today’?

It’s 7.49pm. I’ve bought the Christmas food, made two dozen mince pies, cleaned the flat, been to the library and bought more food, but I’m still angry. Furious even. It must be a middle class, middle age rite of passage that one spends way too much time being annoyed at Radio 4 and this morning’s Today programme wound me up even more than usual.


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Physicalising ebooks

Like Russell Davies I’ve begun reading books on my iPhone using Stanza and I’m enjoying it more than I expected. I never read much on PDAs I’ve owned in the past but the iPhone’s screen is good enough, and Stanza is configurable enough, that it’s surprisingly easy on the eyes. It’s also even easier than a real book: easy to hold with one hand, easy to turn pages with one finger, and I always have it with me.


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