Writing from January 2008

Personal University

Over on Cool Tools Kevin Kelly has just pointed his favourable finger at The Personal MBA. The idea is that one doesn’t need to spend a fortune on a (US) MBA: just read the right books, talk with interested and interesting people, and get some real world experience. Josh Kaufman has put together a list of 69 books, created forums for people to discuss their reading, and offers coaching (even the most motivated self-educators sometimes benefit from a little structure and guidance).

This is an amazing thing.


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Without worrying about acting

One week into the new term at LISPA and it’s been fun so far. Up to now we’ve been behaving like young children: playing games, forming clubs, playing at being grown-ups, revealing the rudest word we know. It’s incredibly silly, very tiring and reminds us (OK, me) that we don’t have to be sensible and logical all the time.


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Félix Fénéon’s worthy material

Kim recently started putting putting pithy bits of Oscar Wilde through Twitter. Which reminded me that I’d been thinking Félix Fénéon’s Novels in Three Lines would be ideal Twitter fodder. (Maybe we have some guilt about wasting time with modern communications and this makes us want to better ourselves by squeezing worthy material into it.)


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