Writing from February 2008

People instead of puppets

Last time we were behaving like children at college. Since then we’ve moved on to “the grotesque”. I’d love to offer a succinct explanation of what “the grotesque” is but after a couple of weeks I’m still not too clear, and I don’t think I’m alone.


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Has become untethered

A couple of snippets on religion / secularism and US politics from recent reading that I wanted to save somewhere, and in public seems as good a place as any.

First, Barack Obama (who I’m apparently closest to out of all the presidential candidates), quoted by David Hollinger in a review of The Stillborn God (subscribers only) by Mark Lilla in the London Review of Books, 24 January 2008:


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Our quest to understand how things move

It’s not often that we use text at LISPA; almost everything we do is either improvised or devised by ourselves from scratch. This term though, we’ve had to remember how to memorise lines for a couple of assignments.

One was to choose a small part of an existing speech. I missed the day when we were given the task, but I think the gist was that it should be a passionate speech, and it might be even more interesting if we disagree with its sentiments.


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Completely different things

Pepys’ Diary has been getting a bit of press recently, mostly due to its inclusion in Ultimate Blogs: Masterworks from the Wild Web by Sarah Boxer (Amazon US, UK).


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Stuck in a stable space

This year most people seem happier with our weekly Voice classes than they were last year. Unfortunately I’m less happy this year and have been struggling to fight my “this is nonsense, I’m giving up” reflex, which has been kicking in more frequently than in any other class. This term Voice has focused on writing our own songs, which has tested my reflex to the limit.


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