Writing from December 2007

Available for work

Term ends shortly and so from Monday 17 December I’m available for work for three weeks (minus the traditional festive days). This doesn’t leave a huge amount of time and I realise most businesses go slow over this time of year. But if you have any bite-size chunks of web-oriented things that need doing, drop me a line. If you don’t know me too well, you can read about the work I’ve done in the past. Thanks.

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Hands full of swords

At college we’re approaching the end of term performance, with stress and emotional levels collectively rising as Wednesday nears. Meanwhile I’ve just finished my first term of weekly stage combat classes. I signed up for a year of “Great Stage Fights”, two hours every Friday evening at the City Lit.


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The new BBC homepage

I previously mentioned that over the summer I spent some time at the BBC thinking about the direction their homepage could take in the future. So I also feel bound to clarify that we were looking at the page’s long term future, rather than the urgently needed “lipstick on a pig” “lick of paint” quick fix which is currently in beta.


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Flood of chatter

A belated catch-up on the end of last term at LISPA. When I last wrote we’d just decided which stories we were going to tell for our end of term performance, my Creation group picking Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.


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A new year’s resolution for you

If you’re stuck for a new year’s resolution may I be so bold as to point you at Pepys’ Diary where you can set yourself the gentle task of reading a new diary entry from 1665 every day. Yes, it’s my own site but I don’t think I’ve been doing too much self-promotion on this front over the five years the site’s been running.


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