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Forward rolls

I’ve mentioned before that my least favourite day at school was Wednesday, due in large part to the presence of Gym class. My inability to do anything that involved turning temporarily upside down lead to tears in front of the rest of the class at least once, and Wednesday has seemed like a day to be wary of ever since. So it’s only fitting that our one Acrobatics class of the week is on Wednesday afternoon.


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Deference and diffidence

In today’s improvisation class we had a task that was both minimal but also tricky and very interesting. The stage is a room in the swanky London home of a well-to-do Lady you’ve come to visit. Expensive rug, large paintings, views across a tree-filled square, lavish spread of food. There are five of you, strangers, and you enter one at a time.


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Week two

Any hope I had of maintaining a decent frequency of tediously detailed writing about my LISPA acting course vanished this week. There’s not enough time to go to class, write notes, work on web stuff, see friends, post stuff here, and spend any time with Mary while we’re both awake. So, a quick end-of-week-two catch-up…


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What percentage of restaurants fail after one year?

I love statistics that are quoted by almost everyone as fact, even though none of us know the basis behind them. Often they’re entirely wrong, like the percentage of US citizens who have passports. Another favourite is that “90% of restaurants go out of business in the first year”. A conversation where this came up prompted me to poke around.


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Masks, tension and being upside down

This week we’ve had our first encounter with masks, neutral masks to be precise, although we’re not supposed to call them “neutral”, a word which apparently doesn’t have the correct connotations for our purposes. They looked slightly like these although those look rather too wide-eyed and smiley compared with what we used.


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Not feeling it

I seem to be coming home frustrated this week, and today more so than ever. Started the day with our Creation Group, trying to come up with a scene to present to the class on Monday, on the theme “Fantastical World”. It’s not going well. We’ve had two-thirds of our time and have almost nothing to show for it. We can’t even agree on what the theme means — exactly how “fantastical” is it? I think the scene needs to be based on the real world and its behaviours in order for the audience to relate to it, and to make the fantastical element clear and contrasting. But we keep gently not-quite-reaching consensus on both this and the need for a narrative/dramatic build (yes, we need one, others don’t seem to quite agree).


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Your single social network

I’ve been enjoying twittering over on Twitter recently (here I am). If you hate blogs because you think they’re full of people rambling about pointless details of their mundane lives you’ll hate Twitter, which makes it as easy as possible to post snippets to the web (and your friends’ phones and instant messengers) letting everyone know exactly what you’re doing RIGHT NOW. I’m not sure how much I’ll use it when the novelty wears off but it reminded me of a couple of ideas I had recently. Here’s the first, with the second to come later…


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When using Twitter I love the trickle of updates from friends about what they’re up to. Each update is rarely earth-shattering in itself but I enjoy the cosy ambient feeling of being more in touch with what everyone’s doing. This reminds me that a few weeks ago I was wishing there was a piece of software that made exactly this kind of keeping tabs on friends easier. I shall call this vapourware Panopticon.


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The Time When updates

It’s been a while since I posted anything about The Time When so I thought I’d write a quick update about what’s newish over there.


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Creation groups

I’m ploughing on, after the frustrations of last week, and so far this week’s looking better.


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Paul Morley’s ‘Words and Music’

Nearly three years after a Pepys reader kindly gave me a copy, I’ve finally got round to reading Paul Morley’s Words and Music. I enjoy seeing Morley on TV clip shows (I Love the Third Week of 1978, Top 100 Singles with ‘B’ in their Name, etc) where he’s one of the few to say something that has been thought about, even if it doesn’t make sense. I found 300 pages of that tough going at times though — when he’s writing about music, or writing about writing about music, it’s good stuff, but when it’s page after page describing how shiny Kylie Minogue is as she drives a car toward a city made out of music I end up skimming, looking for something interesting.


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Working in large groups

I haven’t felt much like writing about college the past week or so as I’ve been finding it frustrating. There’s a whole bundle of frustrations, although the biggest for me have been in the “creation group” work I wrote about last time, frustrations about both myself and the group.


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