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Lilia Litviak dress rehearsal

Last Thursday we spent part of the evening going over a few problem areas before squeezing in another run-through of the entire play. This time everyone worked without scripts and although a some prompting was required it finally seemed like a real play, that we might fool people into believing we know what we’re doing.


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Lilia Litviak technical rehearsal

Last night’s technical rehearsal of Lilia Litviak: Fighter Ace in the Conway Hall was tiring and stressful (not to mention expensive — the cost of hiring the venue is the biggest chunk of our budget and the space costs much the same whether you have a paying audience or not). Levels of punctuality and focus have been less than what I assume one would expect on a professional production, and it took us a while to get started on running the play, which was frustrating for everyone.


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Lilia Litviak performances

I’ve spent so much of the past week thinking and talking about Lilia Litviak: Fighter Ace that writing more about it seems like treading over old ground. But still, it’s all over. Maybe three weeks’ of devising and rehearsals, plus learning lines and other organisational activities, all spread over several months, and it’s all gone in two nights.


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Final Lilia Litviak thoughts

One last thing… well, three. There are three thoughts I wanted to write down that sprung from the Lilia Litviak performances so here they are before I lose my notes…


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Work in 2006

A conversation last week made me realise that if you only know me through this website it looks like I’m spending all my time on acting stuff. This is far from the truth — it’s just that I’m finding the acting more interesting to write about (and I hope it’s more interesting to read). But in the interests of balance and clarity, here’s how I’ve been earning money in 2006 so far.


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Phil for hire, now

UPDATE: Thanks for the responses. I’ve now filled this immediate gap. Read more about what’s next.

Short story: If you could use a Phil for a few days (the rest of this week and/or all next week) email me at phil [at] gyford [dot] com. HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Movable Type, wireframes, planning, or anything else you think I can do. Ta.


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Not available now, but in future…

Many thanks to those who responded after my previous post — I now have some work to fill up my final few days before most of my time is taken up with, well, whatever it is I’ll be doing at LISPA.

For clarification, from here on I’ll still be looking for work but I’ll have less time available for it. We have four short terms between now and July and during these I hope to find work I can do in evenings or the occasional weekend. During the two-week holidays (Christmas, Feb/Mar and Apr/May) I’ll be looking for more work and will no doubt post here again if all else fails. Come July I’ll no doubt be available full time, at least until next October… but that all seems a long way off.

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A beginner’s guide to freelancing

This was first written in October 2006 and was revised and expanded in May 2011. (The original version is here.)

I’ve been freelancing since 2003, first as a sole trader and more recently with a limited company. The title still has a double meaning — this is both for beginners and by a beginner, because I know I still have a lot to learn. This post is a summary of things I’ve learned so far, and suggestions from other people.


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First two days

So I’m now a drama student, which is a scary thought, and it hasn’t quite sunk in yet that I’ll be doing this every day. Yesterday was just introductions — we entered the large room we’ll be spending our days in, we met most of the teachers and we had the usual first day of class thing of everyone in turn saying who they are, where they’re from and why they’re here. Then lots of mingling and forgetting everyone’s names.


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