Writing from December 2006

Quick Twitter

As I’ve mentioned, I’m enjoying Twitter a lot. The only problem is that it rarely works for me as it should — I’ve only had text updates to my phone for a day or two over the past couple of weeks, and I can no longer get updates via IM either.


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The fundamental journey

Our large group peformance based on a day in Selfridges went surprisingly smoothly, considering we hadn’t even run through the entire thing once. It was very rough and had several acres of room for improvement but I was pleased it all flowed together reasonably well, with few points where things were horribly, glaringly wrong. Having said that the teachers were, I think, unusually generous, having nothing bad to say about it. This is most unlike them and I’m a bit mystified by their praise, which left everyone feeling very positive about the whole experience (despite the difficulties of communally wrangling so many people into a cohesive performance; I can’t describe how frustrating I found the final couple of all-too-democratic rehearsal sessions).


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Leslie Harpold

Leslie Harpold has died. That sounds so horribly wrong. Whenever people recall someone who died they were always the kindest, cleverest, all-round specialest person ever. In Leslie’s case this was very, very true and I’m going to miss her very, very much.


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Some of Leslie’s ambitions

Yesterday I was searching my email archive for something from a while back when I stumbled across an email Leslie sent to Haddock last year in response to the open query “What do you really want to do which is completely removed from your job?” I thought it was a great example of her imagination, humour and ambition — she always wanted to have a healthy creating:consuming ratio — and was worth sharing with more people:


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End of the first term

I feel like I owe an end of term post about the acting classes, which finished just over a week ago, so, a quick summary.


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My top tunes of 2006

At the end of each year I like to make a CD of my favourite music of the year. Last year I didn’t, either because there wasn’t enough I really liked, or I was too busy, or too computered-out, or all three. But this year I suddenly had a bit of time and there’s been loads of good stuff. And, below, is what I’d put on this year’s CD, complete with MP3s (for a limited time only), for your clicking pleasure. I decided to simply order them chronologically, according to when they grabbed me, and restricted myself to only one track by each artist.


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My year in email

More from the end of year file. Eudora generates statistics of my email usage and I thought I’d take a look at what’s happened in 2006. I have two email addresses: phil@ for my personal email and lists@ for all my mailing list email and messages generated by various scripts on websites. These statistics are for both of these together.


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